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Do you have a high school athlete that wants to play at the collegiate level? Would you like to save money on college tuition?

I'm sure the answer is yes!

This is the perfect package for a student who is looking to get recruited. I was a student-athlete so I know how clueless the recruitment process can be. I can aid with the marketing and tell you how to properly reach out to coaches.

What to expect...

Games. I will come to two different games (of your choice) and record the entire game. I will then take snippets from that and catagorize them into segments that recruiters look for. For example, Rebounds, Steals, Blocks, Saves etc.

Questionnaire. There are some important stats I need from the player. Some of these stats include weight, height, points per game etc.

Reaching Out. I will tell you the next best practice. Your work just begins when I send you the final video. I'll help you with the next steps so you aren't clueless and approach recruiters/coaches in a efficient, professional manner.

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