Air Force 1 - Walmart Dupes (Duplicates) Only $15!

Somehow, I stumbled across a blog that mentioned these amazing Air Force 1 (AF1) Knockoffs at Walmart. Immediately I was intrigued! As a customizer, I love being a walking billboard. It's a great marketing strategy. One that I haven't implemented yet because I'm either sick of painting commissions so I don't want to customize my own shoe. Or, I don't have the cash to rationalize spending money on shoes I don't really need.

Well, the Walmart "Time and Tru Platform Sneaker" just answered my prayers. I have a cool, basic, stylish canvas that I couldn't turn down. They look like Nike Air Force 1s, without the swoosh and are 10 times cheaper than authentic AF1s. The Walmart shoe can be delivered within 2 days now that Walmart has upped their delivery game. But you also shouldn't have a hard time finding them in your local store. I saw they had a lot of inventory in many store close to my apartment.

I'm currently in the process of creating myself a Bob's Burger pair of shoes. Currently, I only have one of the shoes designed. The other shoe will have a yellow background and sport the iconic Burger Family.

The best thing about this shoe, from a consumer and customizer standpoint is the low price point. You might be embarrassed to walk around in knockoff shoes, but what if that pair of shoes are customized? That suddenly adds way more value. This way I can charge my customer $85 for a pair of customs instead of $160! Plus they're memory foam! So maybe you can actually walk around in an amusement park for hours and NOT have sore feet after! And look unique while doing it!

Interested in buying some Walmart Dupe Customs? Hit me up at or comment on this post!

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