Quinceanera: My 1st Experience

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Last month I got the opportunity to film and photograph my 1st Quinceanera. And Boy! was it was an amazing experience.

The Process

Every videographer will come across something they have never done in their career before. The ability to adapt is what separates the good, from the bad. I have shot many weddings before, so I emulated that shooting style for this event.

Quinceaneras and Weddings are similar

In the following ways because they both are...

  • Primarily Focused on Women

  • Important Life Milestones

  • Family/Friend-Oriented

  • Full of Emotion

  • Shot Cinematically

And of course the food was aboslutely amazing.

I personally love horchata, and that is something you can't just get anywhere. It's a sweet, creamy, cinnamon-y, milky drink that is a staple in Mexican culture. Needless to say, I drank so much horchata that night!

It took me 3 weeks to edit all of the photos which came out to approximately 40 man hours. Lightroom saved my life. I wouldn't have been able to sift thru and edit 600+ photos that quickly with Photoshop. Lightroom allowed me to be creative, quickly. And for that I greatly appreciate it!

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