3ds Max


3ds Max is the program I feel most comfortable using.  I have been using 3ds Max for 5 years now.  I can't picture using any other 3D program as heavily as I use 3ds Max. I  have grown to love the program over the years.





I purchased my first drawing tablet back in 2013.  I had no clue how to use it in conjuction with Photoshop and I absolutely hated it in the beginning.  Once I started learning the techniques and became used to navigating around with a tablet it started to grow on me.  I am probably not going to become the next best 2D artist but digital painting is definitely a useful tool to have in my tool belt.



I am still very new to Zbrush.  There is so much about the program that I know is very useful, I just simply haven't learned it all yet.  Zbrush is very intimidating at first with all of it's settings, but I am learning that Zbrush is very, very helpful at time and can be used quite nicely in conjunction with other programs such as 3ds Max.  



I used Unity first in my Junior Project class.  My group worked on a project with Steelcase.  I was in charge of designing the level along with creating small assets with texture maps.  The project was made so that busy Steelcase customers could get a feel for Steelcase's chairs without physically being there at the headquarters.

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