Hello, I'm Khrystal.  I am a 3D Environmental Artist.   I enjoy modeling technical buildings, but I enjoy making everyday assets also.  I would like to work in the Film Industry some day also becoming a Videographer or VFX Artist.  Some of the programs that I use on a daily basis are 3ds Max, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop.  I'm constantly using those programs in conjunction. I am also familiar with Unreal, I just don't use it quite as much as my other programs.


I am in the process of getting my Bachelor's Degree in Digital Animation and Game Design at Ferris State University.  I owe every ounce of skill I have to my teachers.  They have taught me an incredible amount and I would be nowhere without them.  I am originally  from a suburb of Chicago, but I am currently living in Michigan for educational purposes.  My dream is to go to California once I graduate to get a job in my field, but with student loans and ties in Chicago, I'm not quite sure if that's going to happen.  I could end up anywhere after graduation.  I'll be happy where ever life takes me.

I have always loved computers, even when I was young.  Just as I have always loved computers, I have loved videogames equally as much.  It took me a couple of years to realize that I could combine those two passions into one career.  Once I realized that making a career out of videogames was actually an option, I did everything that would help me reach success in that industry.  I realize I might not be the best 3D Environmental or VFX Artist in America.  That is why I work so hard everyday though.  I know it takes practice and hard work to get to the level I want/need to get to.  I am more than willing to give it my all.